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Fargreen is a social enterprise working with a purpose of building prosperous and sustainable farming communities in rural Vietnam and around the world where no such environmental damaging practices like open burning of straw exist and no farmer left behind in poverty for choosing to stay with their land.

Fargreen creates a network of Vietnamese farmers to produce high quality, environmentally friendly and socially responsible edible mushrooms for local and international markets.


Fargreen was founded by two local Vietnamese women (Trang Tran and Thuy Dao) who grew up seeing ill effects of this open rice straw burning practice on the environment and the farming community’s health and who were inspired to use business as a tool to eliminate the practice of rice straw burning in a way that is sustainable and beneficial to the environment and the local rural community.

Business Model

Fargreen is inspired by the cradle-to-cradle approach to build a closed loop business model in which no net waste is added in the whole production process. We set up a network of farmers who collect rice straw from their own paddy field and helps them to produce high quality edible mushrooms in an ecofriendly closed-loop system. After the mushrooms harvested, they will be shipped to Fargreen’s processing and packaging center where they are processed, packaged and then delivered to the hands of the customers under the brand of Fargreen. The leftover after mushroom cultivation will be recycled back to nourish the soil as bio-fertilizer.

As of now, Fargreen has already established its first production lab in Hai Duong, Vietnam which allows the technology to evolve and serves as a training hub for rice farmers who wish to be part of Fargreen’s network. In July 2014, Fargreen kicked off its first farmer training workshop with the participation of 10 rice farmers. These farmers are being trained to go through all stages involved in cultivating mushrooms with Fargreen. The company is expected to launch its first premium mushroom products to the Vietnamese market in 2015.



Our Products


Fresh Mushrooms

These are sold in two kinds: Straw mushroom and Oyster mushroom. Oyster mushroom is a common mushroom type that every single customer is familiar with. Straw mushroom is a delicacy as it is normally produced in Southern Vietnam for export.


Processed Mushrooms

Fargreen will dry and salt approximately half the fresh mushrooms to make them available in the off season when our competitors can’t make mushrooms available in the market. This dried product line will allow customers to have a longer time use of one purchase.

“Climate change is destroying our path to sustainability. Ours is a world of looming challenges and increasingly limited resources. Sustainable development offers the best chance to adjust our course.”

Ban Ki-moon, UN General Secretary

Our Team


Trang Tran

Chief Executive Officer & Cofounder

Trang is a 2015 TED fellow and 2014 Echoing Green climate fellow. She’s got her MBA from the Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise program at Colorado State University (CSU), U.S.A in May, 2014. Growing up in a working class community in Vietnam and being the first one in her family go to college then the first to go abroad have fueled her tremendous passion toward international development work and social entrepreneurship. Trang has spent seven years working for both non-profit and for-profit development projects in Asia and Central America. Trang is an avid traveler, amateur painter and a passionate learner especially when it comes to the intersection of cultures and languages.

Thuy Dao


Thuy got her Masters in Biological Engineering from the Autonomous University (2011) in Spain. She was born and raised in a rice farming family in Northern Vietnam. Thuy has four years of work experience in leading various rural and environmental research development projects. She is a member of the Vietnam Association for Intellectual Woman on Environmental Protection and Climate Change and the Hanoi lake research club.

Duom Luu
Purchasing and Orders Manager

Phuong Chu
Administrative and Office Manager

Manh Trinh
Chief Accountant

Minh Bui 
Farmer Network Coordinator at Hai Duong branch

Hang Vu
Purchasing and Orders  Coordinator at Hai Duong branch

Quynh Chu
Volunteer Network Assistant

Board of Advisors

John Anner

CEO, Thrive Networks (former: East Meets West Foundation)

Dr. Asad Aziz
Clinical Professor Management, Colorado State University

Katherine Gregory
Independent Supply Chain Consultant

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Fargreen được DevexImpact chọn là 1 trong 6 doanh nghiệp startup trong lĩnh vực phát triển đáng chú ý nhất trên thế giới.

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Bạn nào quan tâm vui lòng email cho Fargreen tại fargreenvn@gmail.com với thư giới thiệu về bản thân và CV có ít nhất 03 tham chiếu cá nhân (số điện thoại/email của người đã tiếp xúc với bạn cả trong lĩnh vực cá nhân và công việc, và có thể giới thiệu về khả năng/tiềm năng của bạn cho Fargreen).

Đây là vị trí công ty đang cần nên sẽ đóng tuyển ngay khi tìm được ứng viên ưng ý.

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